Case study: Deep Cystic Acne

November 16, 2019
April 28, 2020

Case study: Deep Cystic Acne



Christopher van der Walt, who has been coming to Professional Skin Care Lab for just over a year, has kindly agreed to share his journey – in the hope that it creates awareness for other acne sufferers that there are solutions.

Cystic acne is a very serious form of acne that occurs when cysts form deep underneath the skin. A combination of bacteria, oil and dead skin cells get trapped in the pores, making boil-like lumps on the skin that are painful to touch, red and inflamed. It often causes significant scarring.

Chris had deep cystic acne, going back at far as he could remember. He always felt self-conscious about his skin, a condition that made him feel socially awkward. His job as a Technical Sales Engineer requires him to meet and interact with people all day, and he said he would always wonder to himself ‘What are these people thinking about my skin right now?’

Referred to Gina by Dr Nadine, our resident Aesthetic Doctor, Chris embarked on a year-long journey to sort out his skin. He’d had enough of the way he looked, which negatively influenced his personality and outlook on life. Chris decided he was going to tackle the problem head-on, with the first step being to admit to himself that he had a serious problem.

After an in depth skin consultation and a discussion about the different treatment options, Chris found that talking to Gina and her team at Professional Skincare Lab, who explained what to expect, definitely improved his outlook. He said that understanding what was going on with his skin was empowering and enabled him to be positive about the process.

His treatment plan involved a series of peels, micro-needling and a plasma treatment.

Chris said he could see an improvement in his skin from the very first treatment. He followed the home care instructions to the letter, using products that were recommended, even though some of these were very expensive. He stayed out of the sun and used SPF religiously. Chris realised that if he was going to expend so much energy and expense on his skin, he should make further lifestyle changes to give his body the best chance, so he stopped smoking and started eating more healthily.

For the first nine months, Chris was visiting Professional Skin Care Lab every second week, which tapered to once a month as his skin improved. Chris says he knows he will always have scars but is realistic in his expectations.

Although the products he had and continues to use are expensive (“Hectic!” in his words), Chris said that he can see the results and understands that healing his skin takes commitment and investment.

In reply to the question of if this process has been worth it, Chris said, “Gina and Professional Skin Care Lab has changed my life. I feel so different to how I was before. I can talk to people now without worrying about what they are thinking about me. If anyone with similar problems to mine would take my advice, I would highly recommend the treatments, products and people visiting Professional Skin Care Lab.”

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