Fighting the War on Wrinkles

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Fighting the War on Wrinkles

While most people who care for their skins and are concerned about the effects of aging, have had anti-wrinkle injections, there are still some out there who have not. Whether it’s concerns about pain, not really understanding what the process is, or just not getting around to it – the great news is we can help!

Dr Nadine, who shares space with the Professional Skin Care Lab team, is experienced and qualified in administering all injectables. With a special interest in facial aesthetics and non-surgical anti-aging solutions, Dr Nadine can help you whenever you are next at the Lab! But, if you need to know more info, read on…

The commonly used neurotoxin is Botulinum type A, which is injected, typically into the forehead, between your eyebrows and around the eyes. What it does is temporarily block local nerve impulses, meaning the wrinkles that come from frowning or laughing aren’t able to form.

It’s perfectly safe but does have to be administered by a certified dermatologist or qualified aesthetic doctor. Contrary to popular belief, these injections don’t ‘freeze’ your face. They do relax the wrinkle-forming muscles at the site of the injection, but this doesn’t affect the other facial muscles for expressions.

Neuromodulators take three to five days to take effect, with its full effect apparent after two weeks. It lasts for about three months, so if you like the effect, you’ll have to go for maintenance injections every three to four months.

When administered by a professional like Dr Nadine, you’ll look like a brighter, smoother version of yourself.

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