Moisturising your neck, really?

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May 28, 2020
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June 2, 2020

Moisturising your neck, really?

It may sound a bit weird to some, or completely normal to others, but it’s really important to moisturise your neck. A neck may not seem as complicated as a face when it comes to oily zones, delicate areas and potential (or actual) wrinkles, but it does need a bit of love in your beauty routine.

But if you’re wondering why, here are three reasons why you should moisturise your neck.

  1. Thin skin

The skin on the neck is as delicate as the skin on your eyelids and is pretty sensitive too. The dermis on the neck is thin and doesn’t contain as much collagen as the rest of the face, so it is more prone to wrinkling as you age. The neck is also prone to dryness, sensitivity and gets irritated by certain skin care ingredients. It’s important to be cautious when using any kind of peeling ingredient, like alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinols, on the neck as it gets irritated quicker than the skin on the face. When introducing more active products, we always recommend a slow phasing in of these ingredients to prevent the skin from becoming over reactive.

  1. Dry skin

Your neck is naturally oil free, containing fewer sebaceous glands, which is what gives your skin moisture and a youthful appearance.  Since it’s this oil that keeps the skin hydrated and plump, the skin on your neck doesn’t have this luxury – you’ve got to take it upon yourself to moisturise the heck out of it.

Many people take better care of their facial skin, neglecting their neck and décolletage. A face that looks youthful paired with a neck and chest that show the signs of sun damage and photoaging, can make people look unnatural.

Retinol or vitamin A helps speed up cell turnover and increases collagen production. It is FDA-approved for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles and has decades of science backing its effectiveness. It is a must-have product in the treatment against aging.

  1. The Platysma Muscle

This sheet of muscle that runs from your jawline to your clavicle is what stains and stretches in the gym or when you’re exerting yourself. Over time, these movements can stretch the neck skin, especially if it’s dry too.

Eeeek! you screech (don’t – it uses that pesky platysma muscle). It’s not too late to stop your neck looking like a turkey’s. While there are specific neck moisturisers on the market, any moisturiser will do the trick, as long as you remember to couple that with daily sun protection too. Your broad-spectrum SPF should be applied from just below the chin, to just below clothing level, regardless of whether or not you plan on going into the sun.

Face creams that stimulate collagen or elastin are obviously going to be your best bet. You do have to pay attention to how you apply it to your neck because it is important to move your fingers gently upwards working against gravity.

The team at Professional Skin Care Lab recommend:

  • Neostrata is an integral brand at Professional Skin Care Lab and we highly recommend their Triple Neck Firming Cream, to be used twice a day to help treat the hydration of the neck and décolleté.
  • Within 2-3 months of using the product, you will see and feel the difference.
  • We recommend that you also use it as your hand cream at bedtime, as it works wonders on the skin of your hands – our clients have had amazing results!
  • Triple Firming Neck cream has many powerful active ingredients such as NeoGlucosamin, which gently exfoliates skin to help reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation patches often found on the side of the neck.
  • Pro-amino acid and NeoCitrate both help target collagen. This anti-aging neck cream is formulated to help reverse visible signs of aging in the neck and décolletage for skin that is firmer, more lifted and younger looking.



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