Over cleansing: Why squeaky clean is not good

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May 12, 2020
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May 28, 2020

Over cleansing: Why squeaky clean is not good

You know how important it is to cleanse your face properly, right? A vital part of any skin care routine, cleansing at night removes dirt, grime, oil and make up that has collected on your skin during the day. Some beauty regimes include face cleansing in the morning too, to rid the skin of indoor pollutants and oils built up on your pillowcase.

But how do you know if you are over-washing? The term squeaky clean is great when referring to your dishes, not so much for your skin. If your face feels tight and stretched after cleansing, or is sensitive and shows reddish, dry patches, you could be overdoing it. Too much cleansing will strip your skin of its natural lipid barrier and alter the pH level. Your skin will naturally overcompensate, by producing more oil (sebum), making you think you have oily skin, so you wash again…a vicious cycle!

Raw and dehydrated skin can also be caused by using a cleanser that is too harsh or too alkaline, drying out your skin. Once your acid mantle is compromised, your skin is exposed to bacteria that can cause an inflammatory response, like a breakout of acne, or a rash.

Repairing damage to the skin barrier is one of the very first things we address with any client at the salon. It is one of the commonest causes of problematic skin: dry, itchy, red skin, flakiness, rosacea, atopic dermatitis, breakouts. Fortunately, the skin barrier can be restored to the correct pH balance, allowing your skin to function as it should.

We use (and highly recommend) a product range by Lamelle, called Serra. This skin care range exactly mimics the body’s lipid bi-layer, using Ceramide-P to rebuild the skin barrier. This powerful ingredient stimulates your body to produce more of its own natural lipids, restoring your skin barrier over a short period of use. It is gentle and free of colourants, preservatives and parabens – soothing, healing and hydrating.

Please make an appointment to come and see us if you have concerns about your skin – just click here. With the help of the Lamelle Serra products and our assessment of your skin, we can recommend products and a cleansing regime to suit your individual skin needs.

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