Epi-Genes Xpress Anti-Ageing Serum
August 18, 2020
Super Smoother Dual Hyaluronic Action
August 18, 2020
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Skin Concern

Suitable for:

° Sensitive

° Inflamed

° Acne rosacea

° Eczema

° Psoriasis

° Premature Ageing

° Dry

° Itchy

° Environmentally damaged

Directions for use: AM and/or PM – Cleanse with RegimA. Apply RegimA eye products and serums. Apply a thin layer of Anti-InflammAgeing under RegimA Day or Night Products. May also be applied immediately following a RegimA in-salon treatment, particularly is the skin is inflamed, dry or dehydrated



Sensitivity, inflammation, red, hot, itchy skin can cause skin degeneration and prematurely Ageing skin. Chronic inflammation includes eczema, psoriasis, even neurodermatitis . AntiInflamm-Ageing to the rescue.

° Ultra Rich ‘First Aid’ kit for inflamed, irritated, extremely sensitive skins

° Helps quickly reduce ageing inflammation

° Reduces and calms reddened, irritated skins

° Reduces skin warmth due to inflammation

° Protects against skin redness and irritation

° Reduces incidents of telangiectasia, couperose

° Improves appearance of rosacea

° Reduces swelling

° Super soothing and smoothing

° Anti-itch properties

° Helps increase elasticity and tone

° Anti-sagging activity

° Protects against oxidative stress

° Helps normailise and maintain sensitive skins

° Rich and replenishing

° Fights against age-related chronic micro-inflammation

° Provides anti-inflamm-ageing

Key Ingredients

° Balloon Vine Extract – nips inflammatory processes in the bud, reduces allergic reactions, reduces tissue damage resulting from mosquito bites, soothes skin after epilation, protects and regenerates damaged skin barrier, improves atopic eczema, reduces severity of couperose

° Extract from Bark of Eperua Falcata Aubl Tree – acts against mediators of inflammation, skin barrier protection, acts against neurogenic inflammation, antioxidant, protection of the epidermis, delays skin sagging, restorative effects on age-related degradation

° Pichia Anomala Yeast – Regulates communication between the cells, promotes dermal matrix restructure, preserves function of dermal-epidermal junction, increased elasticity and tone, smoothing, calming, antiinflammatory, anti-wrinkle

° Rosehip Oil – Rich in Vit A and C, anti-oxidant, repairing, calming, soothing dry and itchy skin, reduces fine lines, brightening, promotes healthy glow

° Blackcurrant Seed Oil – High is Omega 3 & 6, environmental protection and resilience, soothing, anti-inflammatory, relieves sensitive skins, combat dry, chapped and ageing skin as well as atopic eczema and psoriasis

° Retinyl Palmitate (Vit A) – Stable form of Vit A, no side effects

° Shea Butter – Nourishing, reduces inflammation, stimulates skin microcirculation, deeply moisturising, keeps skin supple, calms, reduces redness and inflammation, improves fine lines and wrinkles, improves eczema, psoriasis and inflamed skin rashes

° Sunflower Oil Concentrate – Rich in Vit: A, K, E as well as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, fights inflammation and irritation, keeps skin hydrated, helps to prevent UV damage, protects collagen and elastin, Omega 6 helps in treatment of disorders such as eczema, acne and scarring

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