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Use Lycogel for an active and healthy skin. Lycogel has the perfect match for every skin type and tone.

How to apply Lycogel:

16 shades of perfection:

Lycogel 16 shades of perfection

Before and after a Dermapen treatment:

After the Dermapen treatment and before the application of Lycogel After the application of Lycogel

 With the use of Lycogel after a Dermapen treatment, the skin is calmer and cooler and it helps speeding up the healing. The product also has a SPF 30.

Why use Lycogel after a procedure?

  • Lycogel contains 12 very active healing healing ingredients
  • Lycogel creates a breathable mesh over the skin, providing protection to the skin
  • Lycogel is used as a camouflage product after a procedure like Dermapen. It helps removing the heat from the skin, and you will leave the salon able to resume all your activities
  • Lycogel speeds up the healing of the skin post treatment

Lycogel is also anti-bacterial and can be used by any acneic skin, as a treatment and coverage. Lycogel helps improving confidence.

And lastly, Lycogel contains PhytoCellTech, which is an extract that actually repairs and preserves the energy of the skins own stem cell, which no other product does.






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