Classification: COSMECEUTICAL – Alpha hydroxy acid peels (in salon) and home care products

Many skin problems are associated with excessive build-up of dead cells, making the skin hardened and dull.

Problems are exacerbated by exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental effects, leading to skin damage and disease. RégimA follows a rule of ‘Peel & Heal” and is instrumental in restoring, rejuvenating and preserving.

We do not believe in just peeling the skin, one must repair and restore at the deeper skin level. However, one always has the fear that one is going to thin the skin.

The SECRET is within the formulation and the RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’ cannot be compared to any other peeling product. We gently, gradually remove the outer dead layer of skin and work down to the dermis (the living layer). The formulation then stimulates collagen production. In essence RégimA ‘Peel & Heal’ is thickening and re-elastisizing the skin.

Who can be helped by RégimA?

  • All Skin Types: Including the most Sensitive skins
  • White, Asian or Black Skins
  • Female or Male
  • All age groups safe for even the very young
  • Rejuvenation for: Sun damaged, crepey, wrinkled skins, ageing neck, sagging breasts, creased décolleté (chest & cleavage)
  • Pigmentation: Chloasma, pigmented and uneven skin tone, dark
  • under eye circles, ‘age spots’, ‘sun spots’, solar keratoses on face and backs of hands
  • Acne: Problem or acneform skins
  • Scars: New or Old From trauma, operation, acne, burns etc
  • Laser: Essential Pre & Post Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment
  • Body Treatment home care and in-rooms/in-salon treatments
  • Pregnant: Weight gain or weight loss causing stretching or sagging of the skin
  • Cellulite: Orange peel dimply thighs, buttocks etc.
  • Anyone wishing to keep the skin in optimal condition
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