Why Have a Tan?spraytan2

  • A tanned body looks healthier
  • A tanned body looks younger
  • A tanned body looks sexier
  • A tanned body looks slimmer
  • Self-esteem is given a boost

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For yourself, your friends and anyone who:

  • Wants to look Fantasticspraytan3
  • Has an Event – Matric, Reunion, Professional
  • Is getting Married or in the Bridal party
  • Is going on Holiday or just Sitting by the Pool
  • Is a Dancer or in a Dance Club
  • Is Preparing for Photos
  • Is a TV Personality or Model
  • Just lost some weight
  • Is Travelling overseas
  • Does Body Building, Training or Fitness
  • Entering Pageants or Bikini Competitions
  • Just wants to look Sexy for their mate
  • Cheerleaders and Beer Girls
  • Wants to have that Healthy Glow

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Professional Skin Care Lab has trained Spraytan Technicians ready to give you a beautiful tan the healthy way.

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