Skin Tag Removal – A Client Experience

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November 24, 2018
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Skin Tag Removal – A Client Experience

SKIN TAG REMOVAL – a client’s experience

In an earlier post, we spoke about skin tags – what they are and how to get rid of them. So many people live with these unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable growths, which is crazy, since they’re really easy to remove! At the Professional Skin Care Lab, we like to use the Lamprobe – a machine that uses radio frequency technology to treat a range of minor skin irregularities, without penetrating the skin.

One of our clients agreed to share her experience of skin tag removal with the Lamprobe – so you get to hear it first-hand!

I developed a few skin tags around my breasts and underarms after having my children – nothing too big and mostly ignorable – but one of them started pinching on the underwire of my bra. Gina assured me the process of removal was quick and painless, so I decided to go for it. Using an anaesthetic cream on the skin tags (unsurprisingly, there were more than two) and allowing it to penetrate for 30 minutes, the whole procedure was complete in an hour.

As Gina went about her preparations, she explained how the Lamprobe worked and exactly what she would do – something I always appreciate when going for any kind of procedure. The Lamprobe is set to an appropriate intensity, according to the skin type and size of the skin lesion. Gina applied the probe, which has a metal tip, to the skin tag, using witch hazel water as a conductor. The sensation is so mild, not painful at all, feeling just like a small pinch. Each skin tag took a few seconds to treat – with Gina delightedly showing me the ‘bits’ she removed (I didn’t really need to see them…).

Post treatment, I was instructed to keep the sites covered in Bactroban, so they didn’t dry out. Gina said they would take about 2 weeks to heal completely, but two of the smaller (ex) skin tags were barely visible after a couple of days. The larger ones Gina covered with a small clear dressing, as they were likely to rub, which I kept on for four days. After the first 24 hours, the areas were a bit itchy, which is the body doing its amazing healing process.

One, two, three, gone!

I’m so pleased with the results and don’t miss the horrible little things at all! If I’d known how quick and simple the procedure was, I would have had them removed ages ago. 

The Lamprobe is a safe and non-invasive solution for a number of skin blemishes – from broken capillaries, cholesterol deposits, spider naevi and cherry angioma to fibromas and sebaceous hyperplasia – all remedied in just one session!

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