Touching your face is a NO-NO!

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June 18, 2020
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Touching your face is a NO-NO!

Studies have revealed that we touch our faces an average 16 times an hour, and since it is unlikely that we’re washing our hands 16 times an hour, that’s a lot of dirty contact!

It is quite common to run your fingers over your face, especially when you are behind your computer, reading a book or just lost in thought. The actual process is your fingers scanning for any irregularities, which can lead to a compulsion to pick at anything you find. Picking at a blemish, bump or scab can make it worse and even cause permanent scarring.

If you think of all the things you touch over and over in a day (keys, your phone, your keyboard, doorknobs, light switches), think also about how many germs and layers of dirt these things carry. Touching your face transfers the dirt and germs to your skin, which can cause unwanted acne breakouts.

As we all know from the repeated information about COVID-19, touching your face with your hands can also spread viruses to the delicate tissues of your nose, mouth and eyes. Wearing face masks has helped to curb face touching, but if you still spend time in front of the mirror poking and picking at your skin, you need to know that you are potentially damaging your skin.

If this is a habit you can’t seem to break, keep something like a stress ball handy, to divert the attention of your hands from your face. You can ask friends or family to help remind you to stop touching, especially if you are not aware that you are doing it.

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