CMS non surgical face lift


CMS Physio non-surgical face lifts R520
Course: 9 treatments R4500 (450 p/t) 
* discount if paid upfront

Effective Anti-Ageing Therapy

A glowing, healthy skin is the physical basis of how people have come to judge their own and others’ health, success and happiness.

What makes CMS-Physio so effective?

It offers an effective anti-ageing therapy with a foundation of thirteen years of academic and clinical research, and a further ten years of successful therapy.

The secret of effective muscle stimulation, as well as successful tissue repair, lies in the selection of proper amperage, frequency, wave form and polarity. The parameters of CMS-Physio (Pat. no 2002/7185) are consistent with the electrophysiology of healthy facial muscles; matching our biological electrical wave band.

Benefits of CMS-Physio treatments:

Facial and neck muscles are lifted and toned
Facial contours are firmer 
Expression lines are released
Fresher complexion
A more youthful appearance, with younger skin texture 
Pores are refined
Lines and wrinkles are reduced
Elasticity of the skin is increased
Hydration and moisture retention is improved
Sun damaged skin functions are improved

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