Danne Treatments & Peels

Danné Enzyme Treatments 90 min R 950 – R 1 500
Danné Alkaline Wash 30 min R 200 – R 850

Danné Specialised Peels

Danne Enzyme Treatments 90 min R950 – R1500
Danne Alkaline Wash 30 min R200 – R850
Danne Bihaku 9 day protocal (Days in clinic – day 1, day 5 and day 9) 90 min R250 – R3000
Danne Liquid Laser 90 min R1100
Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel 90 min P.O.R.

Extractions, TCA/Retinol Serum, Ionisation programs, Lymph drainage programs, High frequency,
Microdermabrasion, specialised masks and massage.

PLEASE NOTE: A pricing range is provided as a sliding scale. Treatments differ based on your skin condition
in terms of mask used, peeling etc.

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