Why a consistent skin care routine is so important

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February 21, 2022

Why a consistent skin care routine is so important

We all know that looking after your skin is important, but do you know why a consistent effort with your at home skin care routine is vital?

When you exercise, you wouldn’t expect to see results after a couple of sessions, or if you only exercised when you felt like it? A consistent skin care regime is the same – without the effort and continued commitment to keeping to a routine, your skin will never achieve the results you seek.



Briefly, our basic skin care regime recommendations include the following steps:

  • Double Cleansing Daily – this is vital to remove any excess oil, sweat, dirt, dead skin cells or make-up from the skin, using a gentle, hydrating cleanser for your first cleanse and thereafter an exfoliating cleanser with ingredients like salicylic acid to clean out the pores, calm breakouts and lighten blemishes and prevent spots for combination and breakout prone individuals. Some of our Hero products are Biomedical Emporiums Facial Cleanser and Lamelle’s Clarity Facial Cleanser. Lactic acid for all skins, even mature ones, speed up skin cell turnover, soften and brighten the skin, e.g., Biomedicals Luminous Milk Cleanser.


  • Essences and Facials Mists – additional hydration is always important in your routine; we recommend Lamelle’s Essences or DMK’s Herb & Mineral Mist.


  • Use of serums daily – serums are loaded with active ingredients, with the ability of tackling specific conditions more intensely i.e., Lamelle’s Corrective Brighter Concentrate to improve hyperpigmentation, PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and prevent conditions as well. Another PSCL favourite is Retinol serums that address a multitude of conditions ranging from ageing to breakout and pigment concerns.


  • Moisturise – Always apply your moisturiser on a cleansed skin, after you’ve applied your essences, mists, and serums. Your moisturiser will add additional moisture to your skin and is also able to address ageing, breakout, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and other concerns you may have when used in conjunction with specific serums. A few phenomenal mentions are Lamelle’s Serra Soothing Cream and Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream for comprehensive barrier reinforcement and Biomedical Emporium’s Peptide Therapy Cream with Tertiary Tissue Protective abilities.


  • Sunscreen – Protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental factors is the most important and final step in your skin care routine. Daily application of a broad-spectrum and suitable sunscreen ensures effective protection and prevention for all the ravaging signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, lines, wrinkles and in more serious cases, skin cancers, growths, and lesions. Our NEW Lamelle favourite Helase Urban Defence 30 delivers a breakthrough, multi-functional anti-ageing product specifically developed to reduce the impact of particulate matter in urban living. Combining broad-spectrum solar protection, powerful antioxidant defences, cellular mutation correction and repair, and pollution ageing reduction makes Helase Urban Defence an essential skin tool for modern living.


Many skin care products contain active ingredients that will work wonders on your skin, but they need time and regular application towork efficiently. If you find it difficult to remember to stick to a consistent regime, try putting a reminder note near your toothbrush, or put a reminder on your phone for the same time every day. A simple, yet effective skin care routine need not take more than five or ten minutes a day

If you’ll still not convinced, here are the benefits of a consistent skin care routine:

  • Better skin condition
  • Skin resilience increases
  • Noticeable changes in skin appearance – a radiant glow
  • Increased self-confidence

Remember, prevention is both easier and more cost effective than a cure – deep wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring can be reduced with a regular skin care routine, which is far cheaper and less painful than a visit to the plastic surgeon! Taking care of your skin is like an insurance policy for good skin when are older – establish a routine, stick to it, and encourage your children to do the same.

Be consistent and have realistic expectations – it takes at least 30 days of consistent use of a product for results to appear. All skins are different with varied needs of maintenance to keep it nourished. Please call us if you’d like to chat to Gina or Elmarie about a personalised skin care regime tailored to your specific skin concerns.


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