Why your cleanser is not working

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April 30, 2022
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June 4, 2022

Why your cleanser is not working

The act of washing your face might seem simple, but if your skin is not clean, nourished, soft and smooth, it may be that your cleanser is not able to do its job well enough. Cleansers need some time to be massaged into the skin, to remove sweat, debris, makeup, and pollution. Double cleansing involves using a cleansing oil or balm, or micellar water to break down make-up, SPF, and sebum on the surface of your skin, followed by a deeper water-based cleanse.

There are many different types of cleansers, to suit all skin types. Foam, gel, clay, and bar cleansers work well on oily and combination skin, while cream cleaners and Micellar water are recommended for dry skin. Some advanced cleansers include active ingredients that target skin conditions like acne.




Cleansing your skin with a pH balanced cleanser is one of the most important aspects of your skin care routine. Without removing the accumulated debris that builds up on your skin during the day, you’re not allowing your skin to regenerate and recover while you sleep. You’re also pretty much wasting the other skin care products you are applying, which cannot work if they are not able to penetrate the skin.





So how do you know if you’re not cleansing properly?

  1. There is still makeup on your face.

Eyeliners and mascara are often waterproof, which soap and water alone cannot remove. A good makeup remover is essential in removing all traces of makeup.

  1. Your skin looks dull.

Skin that is not properly cleansed can look lifeless, as your pores may be clogged and inflamed. Dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin, which, like dirt and makeup, need to be removed daily.

  1. Your skin texture has changed.

Incorrectly cleansed skin can cause oiliness to build up, encouraging breakouts. In the same way, dirt and makeup residue can build up, causing your skin to feel rough and uneven.

  1. Your pores are clogged.

Chronically clogged pores can lead to skin inflammation, irritation, and redness, as well as unsightly enlarged pores on the nose and chin areas.

  1. Your products are not working as they should.

When the skin is properly cleansed, products are more easily absorbed, allowing them to do their magic! If they are unable to sink in, due to build-up, they will just sit on the surface of the skin.

  1. Your skin is showing signs of ageing.

Wrinkles due to age is unavoidable, but if you’re noticing more lines than usual, they may have been caused by a breakdown in collagen, caused by irritants on the skin.

What products do we recommend?

The Lamelle Nourish Cleanser is an amazing make-up remover, followed by a therapist recommended cleanser. This combo ensures a good, thorough cleanse.



A non-negotiable for all Professional Skin Care Lab clients is a Smitten – a natural microfibre mitt to use with the cleansing products.

For oily congested skins, we recommend cleansing twice with Biomedical Emporium’s Facial Cleanser, with the Smitten, before applying any other products.

For dry skins, Biomedical’s Luminous Milk Cleanser has lactic acid that gently removes dead skin cells and debris and does not disrupt the moisture in a dry skin.

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